Monday, May 14, 2007

Library Thing

Oh no, I've discovered it.

I had planned to sort through nine years' worth of recipe clippings today to cull out what I've never made, organize into categories, etc. But instead, I've cataloged books. Taciturn and I have tons of books, including some antique collections, although neither of us are huge readers, like my friend Monica who reads 3-4 novels a week. But we do have lots of books, and we both forget what we have. I've made the mistake of buying a book that we own, for example, more than once! And occasionally I go on a rampage and sell books on kick myself a year later when I'm searching for a book I sold.

My friend Carolyn+ has so many books that she hired her son to develop a library for her. All of her books are labeled just as in a library and it is all on her computer. It'll be awhile before we are at that point.

While this is fun, I still need to do the recipes!

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