Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moving Stuff

Just met with two very nice ladies who will do the terminal cleaning on our military house when we move out in mid June. They also will take our old but still in good shape washer and dryer for the Airman's Attic, where enlisted personnel can get stuff at no or greatly reduced price. It is hard to believe the time is coming, and fast!

Meanwhile, there is the issue with our house in South Dakota. Our tenants have been, well, fluid in when they pay rent. However, they keep it nice. They have not responded at all to our property manager after getting two letters telling them that we want to move back in and so they must move. We gave them 2 months notice. We would like them to be out by June 1. That way I have time to get some things done that must be accomplished prior to move in, like the septic tank pumped, the interior re-painted, etc. So I plan to fly out June 3rd to scope things out. Our property manager tells us that SD law allows a 3 day eviction, but if I need to, I would rather consult with a lawyer before I do that. Grumble. I would rather not do any of this at all as the couple in our house are pastors of a storefront church; hate to take a fellow Christian to court. However, they are not holding up their part of the bargain either.

Liz+ was very loving in her comments about an entry I made on her blog re Jerry Falwell. I am happy there are folks who lovingly point the way.

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