Friday, July 6, 2007

Finally Back Home!

And it is HOT. 105 degrees today! (The day we first hit Rapid in 2002, it was 115 degrees. I suppose 105 isn't all that bad.)

I got into town around ten am, unloaded my car into the house, then came back into town to get the keys to the condo. I'm pretty tired so I just did some inconsequential stuff (picked up the mail on hold, changed my address with utility companies, bought some food to last until I get to the commissary), talked with a few people on the phone, and had a bit of wine. My body is still on eastern time and so I'm ready for bed--but it isn't 7 PM yet!

Monday I'll call the transportation office at the local military base to check on our furniture. Still want to put some paint on the interior walls prior to getting the furniture in.

I'll get to the house early to spray weeds before it gets too hot. It is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow before it cools off some on Sunday.

I checked my friend Karen's blog and read about what can happen when trying to save money on an oil change. Not pretty.

Missing Taciturn. I'll be glad when he can get out here.

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Anonymous said...

glad you're home. sorry to miss lunch and church. CPE is all the time!