Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday musings...

The weather forecast says the high today will be 94 degrees. Presently at 2 pm, it is 66. At 7:30, when T and I left for church, it was drizzling and 61. I am wearing jeans and a sweater--hallelujah! I definitely am a four season type gal, and this relentlessly hot weather is wearing me down. According to Yahoo! weather, it is supposed to be around 100 again tomorrow.

I'm enjoying the respite. Wonderful to have the A/C off and the windows open.

We had a supply priest today who is canon to the ordinary normally. He spoke movingly of how he almost lost his faith when his wife died (the reading was from Hebrews 11). She had just telephoned 3 people to tell them good-bye; while he turned to hang up the phone for her, she died. He was angry that God would let her die without telling him, her husband of 45 years, good bye when she was able to tell the others. A couple of years later he read a line in a book that helped him. I wish I could remember the exact quote but it went something like this: Faith is not for those feel good times, but exactly for the times when you don't understand a thing. God has God's reasons. Sounded trite at first, but as he reflected on that quote, he realized that the last thing a couple who had said nothing but "hello" to each other for 45 years needed to say was "good-bye". That renewed his faith, and made him happy.

I changed my blog graphic today. I no longer look like the avatar; besides my face filling out, I have decided to be my authentic self this year and grow out my hair color. I had wanted to do it last year in seminary but highlighting was incredibly expensive in the Washington DC area and I would not pay those prices. I mean, it's just hair! I want to look as good as the next person, but geez! Anyway, I have to highlight as I grow it out so I don't have the bottom half of my hair red, while the top is salt and pepper. I don't want to be one of those ladies at whom I used to laugh...

A big delight in my day is reading some of the RevGalBlogPals member blogs. These are strong, knowledgeable and caring women who have a passion for service. I've gotten a couple of invitations to join RGBP, but have not mainly due to my move and all that accompanies that. I'm beginning to strongly consider it. I happen to have the book that is the subject of the next book discussion, so I think I'll read it so I can participate.

As the time approaches for seminary to start again, I'm feeling a bit down. I can't go back until next year to finish my MTS, but I somehow feel as if my place is there, now. Taciturn wants me here with him as he transitions to civilian life and I agree, no matter how I feel. I'm glad I'm mentoring EfM this year as that will keep me in my books and engaged with the wider faith community.


Cathy said...

Did you replace the avatar? If so I cannot see it.

Oh I do hope you join RGBP!

Lauralew said...

Hi Cathy, now that I've been off the laptop for a while I've noticed that the photo displays incorrectly on the Safari browser and intermittantly on Firefox. I'll play with it and see if I can get it to work correctly!