Monday, September 17, 2007

Domesticity and cat glitch

I have meant to start baking my own bread for a while now. I know what is in my bread, there is no wasted packaging and it is not trucked to the store.

Before you protest about time, I went through a stage 11 years ago in which I needed to save money. I figured out it cost only $.50 a loaf to bake bread, and therefore baked all of my own bread. Admittedly I used the bread machine but I still got fresh tasty bread each day. I was a grad student at the time and it did help keep down costs.

Today I realized I had no more excuses. The one I had been holding onto was the yeast, which I bought in Washington DC and had never opened. How could it still be good after all this time, including six weeks in a storage warehouse? So I proofed it. In ten minutes I had quite the sponge in my bowl; the yeast was fine.

After around two hours, I had a lovely loaf of cracked wheat and rosemary bread. I carved a bit of the end off and it was delicious. I didn't use the bread machine; I kneaded it myself. Great exercise. I think I'll just keep that up.

Then I made the stuffing for crab stuffed flounder, our dinner this evening. Yum.

But around five, we got a call from the pound to tell us about Parker, the male cat whom we have adopted and are waiting to bring home. His neutering cannot be done tomorrow--he has feline URI, which is the cat version of kennel cough. The question to us was did we want him treated, or did we want another cat instead? "We really like Parker!" I blurted. So they are going to treat him and let us know on Friday how he is responding.

T says that if he is not better by Friday, maybe we should consider another cat. He also is concerned that Parker might bring the illness here to Eliza. We certainly would have to sequester Parker when he got here for several days.

Wah. We had passed on another kitten as he appeared ill when we were at the pound. Hopefully Parker will be just fine and this is a temporary issue.

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