Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stealth visit

We had a visitor at 8 o'clock today who stayed for adult forum, which visitors usually don't do. He listened very carefully and only at the end introduced himself as "Rob, who is visiting just for the weekend from CO." Then I noticed as I was leaving that Rob was staying for the 10:15 service also. I thought that was odd for a visitor.

On the way out of the parking lot it hit me: Our visitor Rob certainly is one of the two remaining candidates for our new rector, whose selection is supposed to be imminent. I vaguely remember overhearing that the candidates would be visiting soon.

When my friend Carolyn was visiting parishes as a candidate a few years ago, she visited as a candidate. I wonder if Rob wanted to see how we really were to regular people, and that is why no one announced who he was.

(Taciturn casually mentioned that he probably should not have called him an @!&^%hole when they bumped into each other on the way out! Of course he was joking!)

The vestry candidate information board was up today. Several people told me that they were glad to see me running for vestry. That is encouraging. But again, as I truly believe and have told everyone, the church would be well served by any of the candidates and that is what it is all about.

Stealth visitor aside, the forum today was very rich. We started with New Year's resolutions and applied those to our life in Christ. We spoke of judging versus evaluating, forgiving, and how our parish's community life has changed over the years. It was well done with lots of food for thought.

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FranIAm said...

Greetings! Interesting post.

That is a good question - do your reveal yourself? Or do you just observe? Clearly he did bring some attention to himself by being there and staying on.

This is also interesting to me as a Catholic... they just get sent to us, which may not make either party happy. We are about to lose one great priest and then will have only our pastor for our huge parish of 3000.

This other fellow is being sent to somewhere he is ambivalent about, but he is always aware of God's grace in his life, so he goes. It is nearby so we can still see him.

I am praying for you and for your chuch- both locally for you and globally! And for your vestry election as well.

As I once opined on my parish blog "thy will be done... then spend the rest of the day renegotiating." Or so it seems.

Peace to you. Getting caught up on blog reading and email. I don't think I answered your email but I am honored that you would want to put my blog on your roll. I think you meant the church one, but either is fine with me.