Monday, February 4, 2008

On the road to nowhere

That is what I call my time on the treadmill, although it really isn't. That time has been really useful in ways other than reducing my waistline; I listen to Speaking of Faith, Writers' Almanac or Bill Moyers via the iPod most of the time. Other times I meditate or pray. Today I thought a bit more about the disastrous visit with my in laws over the holidays, and early this afternoon I sat down and started writing. It definitely is morphing into something much bigger than a description of a holiday visit gone awry. I wrote a sentence that I never expected to write and it scared me, so I had to put it aside. But that sentence may hold one of the keys to why the stuff happened. We'll see.

Tomorrow I have to write about more mundane things. I am meeting my mentor from the local historical preservation society to figure out where to find the historical reference books in our local library. She says they are scattered over all three floors and not easy to find, so she'll show me. I need those books so I can finish up my chapter of a tourbook being written about the historical district; it is way behind schedule. I took this project literally three days before I got sick. The other writers also are behind for various reasons and my mentor is getting exasperated. I promised her I'd get this into her this week; I'm actually almost finished but I need those reference works.

A busy week ahead!

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FranIAm said...

It does my heart good to know that we are listening to some of the same things when on the treadmill my sister!

You do have a lot going on- I send prayers and peace your way.

Let our Lenten journey begin.