Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eliot and other business

Before I have too many more heavy end-of-the-world and revolution posts, I have to share this great page from my friend BB, who gave birth to a big boy Eliot a week ago tonight. BB and her husband are both great users of irony and humor, so I just love whatever the two of them put together.

And please pray for my brother Mark, who turned 48 this very day. In the last seven days, his 17 y/o daughter, who is 4.5 months pregnant, got her driver's license and wrecked his Lexus automobile on the very same day, and his beloved dog Misty had a seizure and died. To add insult to injury, the insurance company counted his daughter's accident as two separate accidents as she hit one thing then panicked and backed the car into another car, so he has two separate deductibles to pay. And the father of her baby (18 y/o high school dropout without a job) is accusing her of using while pg and is lining up lawyers to try to take the infant away, so they are having to spend $$ to line up their own lawyers to prove that she isn't using and can provide a nice home. Poor brother.

And like our youngest brother PME said, "What in the hell were you doing letting a 17 y/o drive a Lexus anyway?"

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Jan said...

Prayers for Mark today. Also, today is my oldest son's birthday--he's 29!