Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm IT! "Me, Me" Meme

I was tagged by Ruth for this meme, and so here are the rules, etc:

1. List these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

1. I was green long before it was cool. That was driven totally by my lack of funds as a young woman rather than any sense of global responsibility; my car was a ten speed bike and I washed Baggies for re-use. I still wash out and re-use Baggies as well as save aluminum foil.

2. When I am stressed, I clean. I've been known to wash down cabinets at 2 am.

3. I am a huge fan of Vermont Public Radio, which I
listen to online. In fact, I'm a fan of anything Vermont. If I could pick anywhere in the US to live without regard for family or jobs, I'd live in Burlington.

4. As a child, I greatly desired to learn how to play the cello (lessons were free, but my parents couldn't afford to rent an instrument for me). As a 50 year old adult, I still wish to learn how to play the cello. A music teacher friend who also wants to learn the cello is trying to find us a teacher.

5. I am the oldest of five children. I have four Titan sized brothers; the shortest of whom is 6 feet even. The tallest is 6'7". I'm only 5'5".

6. I went to three different colleges over 8 years before I finally obtained my bachelor's degree. I attended school at least part time for all but two of those years! I had over 250 hours at graduation (as well as a five year old son, whose arrival accounted for part of the delay).

7. Piggybacking on #6, my first major in college was history. After I married the first time, I realized I would need to make more money than I could as a history teacher in a small town, so I changed the major to nursing. But, I still love history and consider it my avocation.

3. Tag seven others...

Um, who amongst my blog friends has not gotten this already? Perhaps Mibi?


Jan said...

Cleaning while stressed is much more beneficial than eating, which is what I do. Fun to read--thanks for doing this.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Ah, you're a history buff! I've worked on many history textbooks, so we have something in common.

I think it would be cool to learn the cello in mid=life.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Obviously your brothers got all the food!


I don't think I'll EVER be stressed enough to clean anything. I have quite the opposite problem...I live in constant clutter and my floor is coated with parts of dog toys and dog hair!

Lauralew said...

The fun thing about this exercise is reading the comments afterward.

Ruth, I worked recently on research and writing of a tourbook for our local historical district. Reminded me of why I love history--surrounded by city directories and other materials, I was able to figure out why certain things happened that affected home sales in the district, etc. Really was fun.

Kirkepiscatoid, you hit the nail on the head. When I first arrived at TSU in the fall of 1976, I was painfully thin for that very reason. There wasn't much food at our house and the giants needed to eat--I still gobble my food due to the fact that if it was still on the plate, it was fair game for someone to grab. I gained 20 lbs almost immediately at school!

FranIAm said...

I am tagged and have yet to do this!

One thing I love about these things is the chance to learn more about my online friends. It is great.