Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, and another true thing

I have decided to become myself again in external matters, such as:

1) When you look at my photo on the blog and on Facebook, you see a woman with straight hair. That is not true. I have corkscrew curly hair--which T hates. This is the reason I have straightened it for a while now, and apologized to him on the days I didn't straighten it since he would have to look at it.

But it is summer now, and the hair is damned hard to keep straight when it is humid. Plus it takes lots of time, and I'd rather sleep in the mornings, especially when I have to be at work at 7. So I dug out some potion to tame but keep curly one's curly hair, and so now it is curly. And, T actually complimented me two days ago (after he heard some folks compliment me at church last week)!

2) You also see a person with dark hair. That was true--a while back. I have come to the decision that I'll just let the hair go gray. T doesn't care one way or the other; to color it has been my decision all along.

I'm getting a haircut on Friday. I'll post a new photo of the becoming Episcogranny then.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I am looking forward to seeing the real you.

Jan said...

I have found that I like my hair without coloring it. However, I am coloring it ONE more time--before I go to my 40th reunion. Somehow I need that vanity enhancement, since I didn't lose any weight for the reunion.

It will be nice to see your picture.

Lauralew said...

Oh Jan, I certainly don't blame you!!! I did the same for my 30th 2 years ago. I am just tired of the upkeep, the special shampoos, the idea of chemicals on my hair when I'm trying to eat local or organic, etc.