Saturday, August 30, 2008

Small world reflection

I called Only Son's place in Missouri this afternoon to wish him a happy birthday. GD answered the phone and told me that Daddy wasn't home, and her other grandmother was there; did I want to speak with her? Of course I did; besides knowing her for 30 years, I knew she was there to babysit, and wanted to hear what Only Son and his Bride were doing on his birthday.

When I say I've known my grandchildren's other grandmother for 30 years, it has been in a fairly intimate way. She once was quite involved with one of my brothers, including living with him for some time. Years ago when my son told me that I knew his new girlfriend's mom, then told me who she was, I was pretty flabbergasted! In fact, when I mentioned to this brother who Only Son was dating, he asked me how old the girl was...

Only Son's Bride's mom has had a tough life. She has had various health issues, including COPD related to smoking, and really bad taste in men (and yes, that includes my brother, who absolutely is no saint). She is in the process of yet another divorce, and happily for her has relocated in the same town with the grandkids. She got a decent job at one of the local universities, and lives less than a mile from Only Son (who pulled some strings to get her an apartment). Unfortunately part of the reason Only Son's Bride is as pulled together as she is, is due to having to parent her own mother.

So this afternoon, she and I talked for some time. She really doesn't have many friends except her children and grandchildren, and just wanted to talk. It just really is odd how things work out.

By the way, Only Son and his bride are in Kansas City trying out a new and swanky restaurant! They are gourmet chefs and try out almost everything they eat out at home. I know they are having a great time!


FranIAm said...

Happy Birthday to your son. And what a story about other grandmother.

Thank you Laura.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Oh, my, your life is this very interesting little fishnet of connectivity! Harder than hell sometimes to deal with, but ya gotta love the non-coincidental nature of it all!

Lauralew said...

Ha, isn't that the truth! Never even six degrees of separation for me!