Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Silent Movie Pals and DIA

I've been spending WAAAY too much time with my long deceased silent movie pals. I don't know what has gotten into me. It is getting in the way of real life. I was almost late for a DIA meeting today, one at which I was to record the minutes! I was busy researching more things this am when I realized I needed to leave 10 minutes before. I noted a few very relieved faces when I ran into the meeting space.

But, I was glad to go today. Besides returning to the land of the living, I got to deal with real life issues, such as the proposed abortion ban. There is a locally produced movie on the DIA website that talks about abortion in the life of local women. It is worth a looksee. When it was shown last week to a local audience (I didn't attend as Only Son was here), there were anti-choice folks there to demonstrate but a couple said that there were things said that they did not realize. In other words, they were educated. That is the aim. Of course, there was the one fellow who was screaming, "Murderers!" and had to be escorted out.

There was talk today that the issue really isn't about abortion or about women's rights, but about our area becoming a theocracy. In fact, the local Republicans call Jewish Republicans or Republicans who support choice as RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) since to be a Republican here requires one to be an evangelical Christian who is willing to force his or her own views down the throats of others. That is exactly what Initiated Measure 11 seeks to do, have the government be the final arbiter in one's life. Where does it go from there?

Speaking of Republicans, choice, etc, I actually had to reject a comment on my blog a day ago. Some Libertarian wanted to post praises for She Who Will Not Be Named on my site in relation to my Kathleen Parker post. I thought about posting it until I checked out his blog. It was pretty awful. So, for the very first time (I'm not widely read), I exercised my veto power. I will not support beauty queen videos of That Woman.

The funny thing is that the Libertarian vote in western South Dakota, where I live, is credited with defeating the abortion ban in 2006. So I don't know why this fellow, who purportedly worked for Bob Barr (yuk), was posting praises to someone who supports a heavy hand from the government.

To change the subject, I made homemade pizza last night. I created the crust, cooked up a sauce, grated the cheese, etc. And for the very first time ever (this is about the 5th time I've done this), the crust turned out perfectly! No holes, no air bubbles--and I even was able to toss it into the air and have it turn out round!!! Life is good!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad that the cause you're helping with is educating people about the complexity of the issue.

And I had to smile about your pizza crust. I've never been brave enough to even contemplate tossing it! (And I've only made pizza crust once or twice.)

FranIAm said...

It is astounding to read about this situation in SD.

RINOs? Wow. Amazing.


I have no issue with people being against abortion, as I am one. That is my choice, but choice is the operative word.

I do have a problem with the draconian theocracy that many anti-abortion people push.

(ps - glad about the pizza!)