Friday, September 26, 2008

Visitors are gone

I loved it, but I'm tired. Took the kids to Mt Rushmore, which GS #2 loved. After we got home, he said he "missed the presidents" and wanted to go back!

Having honest visitors also means getting a rundown about what is wrong with the house. I've noticed a musty smell in my basement--turns out the shower is leaking. We never shower in the basement, so we would not notice. Worms and grasshoppers attacked my grandchildren as they slept. Gotta figure out how they are getting in.

Of course Taciturn thinks telling us these things is the height of rudeness. I am thankful for the information as I would not know otherwise, and could not fix it. But T has an irrational relationship with our house which may short-circuit our plans to move--he takes any criticism of the house, which he views as an extension of himself, as criticism of him.

That is enough for now. Meanwhile, here is a blog from the New York Times that ends with one of the most poignant sentences about a certain VP candidate that I've read. Don't be dismayed by the title.

Now that the month of vacation and many visitors is over, I hope to get back to regular life and regular habits. Spiritual disciplines sure take a beating when there is no routine!


Lindy said...

Yes about the routein. Parmanhansa Yogananda says to routeinize your life. He was right!

Clicking on over to your recommendation. I can't figure out why the mainstream media aren't all over She Who Shall Not Be Named and her hillbilly church of the apocylapse... anyway.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm honored.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thanks for the link to that article. It was quite insightful.

I hope you get back to your routine soon. I know what you mean about losing the spiritual disciplines during times like that.

And I have to ask, how did worms find their way into your grandchildren's beds? Grasshoppers, I can get. But worms?

Lauralew said...

Thanks for visiting, Lindy! I'm also honored that you stopped by.

Ruth, the reason worms got on the boys was that I had them on pallets on the floor. Granddaughter was on the sofa so she only got the grasshoppers. I'm glad they weren't here this afternoon as we had a _huge_ spider wander up from the basement. The cats played with it for a while before Taciturn slew it with his hiking boot.