Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh, shoot

Mom didn't go home from hospital today, after all. Her x-ray still revealed a bit of pneumonia. Please continue to pray for her.

I had a chat with my boss today about needing to work more, and with some advance notice other than "Can you come to work in an hour?" which normally is all the notice I get. Which is why I say no alot. I also said that I had thought about going to the hospital to get more hours, which I have. There are plenty of hours to be had over there; here I work so seldom I hardly feel as if I have a job. In order to keep my nursing license, I have to work a certain amount a year, and the way I've been going, I will not get enough hours to keep this hard earned piece of paper! Hopefully, I got through to her. She seems to like what work I do, so that is in my favor.

And another thing--I went to Eucharist this am and heard KML+ pray for a certain parish in our diocese, the one and only that is sabre rattling about the presence of gays and others who don't fit a certain mold. (In this largely Lakota Sioux diocese, this is the richest and most non Lakota.) They've not come to diocesan convention for the last two years. I am aware of a certain meanness in that rector's conversation, a certain self righteousness that is distressing. I need to ponder this as it seems like lots of folks who wish to exclude, exude that meanness. I can't believe that is of God.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I don't believe that meanness is of God either.

Saying a prayer for your mom.