Thursday, November 6, 2008

The blizzard is here!

Like I said in the last post, I didn't go to work yesterday evening. Proved to be a wise decision.

Taciturn tried to open the front door to see what was going on outside (the views from our front windows are totally obliterated by snow), and all the snow piled up against the front door started to pour in. He almost wasn't able to close the door again! As he drily said, "That would have been a pain in the ass!"

And we listened to the wind buffet our house all night long. The weather report says that the wind gusts are up to seventy miles an hour. I believe that, judging by the glimpses of the wildly waving trees out back. It is still blowing fierce and hard.

This is the second blizzard we have had in just over six months. The last one was May 2nd. During the three years we lived in western SD previously, there were some heavy snows, but no blizzards. You can get around in a heavy snow; the roads get plowed and the schools stay open, or maybe open a bit late. Blizzards are quite the different animal. There is no way anyone can go anywhere.

Therefore, there will be no newspaper or mail today. Luckily we got a Netflix movie yesterday. I plan to cook a big breakfast this am of buttermilk biscuits and eggs (no Weight Watcher point counting today!), run the vacuum, and polish up a few things around the house. Not sure about dinner, thinking some kind of casserole. I have a bottle of wine in the basement and I think I'll break that out.
I almost took my last post down this am. But upon reflection, I decided to leave it up. Although it is a bit raw, it is exactly how I feel. This is not a place I would have chosen to live had it been up to me. Taciturn has changed his mind on the moving to MO idea, which I find totally infuriating. He knows I am not happy here but he is convinced he cannot be happy anywhere else. I've even told him if we could just move into town so I could at least have a garden and not have to drive ten miles to go anywhere, it'd be great but he isn't willing to do that. He is willing to take extended vacations to places that I like, for a month or two at a time. That interferes with my work, though. We'll eventually work that out somehow, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Yowzer. Take care.

And I'm really sorry to read that Taciturn has changed his mind.