Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday before Election Day

Tomorrow is one of the most important days any of us will live in the context of our national life.

We can choose hope over fear tomorrow, despite what Bill O'Reilly says. Or, we could keep on with what we always have done.

However, if we choose the latter, we'll get what we've always gotten. Don't know about you, but that prospect really is scary.

Not everyone agrees with me. Only Son, Taciturn, and everyone in my family of origin except my brother the air marshall, are totally McCain/Palin. All of them are worried that Sen Obama would be soft on terrorism and promote abortion on demand and gay marriage. In fact, Only Son has gone to prayer meetings each night this week to, I guess, strong arm God into interfering in the affairs of man to elect Sen McCain.

I don't buy the idea that God is a Republican, anymore than I buy the idea that God is a Democrat. I do know that my own understanding of Scripture and the way I understand relationship with the Divine informs my personal political leanings. Only Son is every bit of a Christian as I am, but what informs him is different. We will cancel each other's votes.

Speaking of Only Son, here are his lovely children, dressed up for their church's Fall Festival.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Last night, as usual, we prayed for the election--for the physical safety of Obama, for protection against election fraud, and that God's will would be done. And I had a sudden and startling thought. Maybe God's will for this election is simply that the American people's will should be done. Maybe all he wants is for honest elections to take place.

I'm not saying I "know" that to be true, just that it was an eye-opening thought.