Thursday, November 13, 2008

Odds and Ends

First order of business--thanks to Ruth for giving me an award for my honesty in writing! I really hope no one in my family reads this blog. I also had to edit the stuff about my job in my last post a bit as I work totally "at will" and would like to keep my job!

Speaking of job, I picked up a book on resume' writing at the public library yesterday. That is my main task today. An old friend from my military nursing days just obtained a new position and offered me the use of her resume', but she is in management and there are other things in her experience that differ hugely from mine. Let's just say a chronological resume' really doesn't work for me. I worked full bore with appropriate advancement for over twenty years. When I left the military after T and I married in 1998, I no longer worked full time, we moved every couple of years, there were time periods I did not work for pay at all, etc. The only really good job I've had since 1998 was my previous job with my present employer from 2002-2004, which I had to leave due to Taciturn's then job in the military. That was one of the best positions I've ever had, actually--I worked in a radiation oncology clinic in a .5 FTE position. I loved it so much that my work mug said something like "I'd do this for free!" I cried at my exit interview.

What I am going to say in my opening statement is something like "I'm now free to refocus on my nursing career since we no longer move every two years." This is a military town; folks understand this.

That is my main priority today. That and a trip to the military commissary, which we still use, to stock up.

The evidence of the blizzard a week ago is finally shrinking under the fierce rain we have this morning. We continue to park our cars in the drive as the garage remains blocked. Taciturn was smart to bring the cars out of the garage before the storm or he would have had to do much more digging than he did. We had a four foot high drift all the way across our driveway.

Today is my Boniva day, which is my osteoporosis medication that is taken once a month on an utterly empty stomach, with nothing but water taken for the next hour. I am just now coming to life with my first cup of coffee and my cereal. After I'm finished with that, time to get to work!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like that opening statement. Good luck on the resume writing.

Songbird said...

Wow, a four foot drift? We haven't gotten close to winter yet here.
I like your opening statement, too.