Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thaw, and another type of chill

Today I actually got out of the house. The roads in my neighborhood are not clear, but they are passable. I picked up a new prescription and some groceries, including some yummy chard to saute with garlic tonight to have with supper. Safeway, the grocery, was a total madhouse. There were absolutely no places to park with many of the parking spaces piled with snow. I parked at the adjoining strip mall and ambled over.

We called Taciturn's mom and her husband the Angry While Man this am. I must preface my remarks by reiterating that T and I profoundly disagreed on this election, and I noted yesterday that as soon as the press conference came on television, he left the room but later had nothing good to say about what our president-elect said. I have a feeling he will get all of his news about this new president from secondary sources.

AWM not only relies on secondary sources but also his main secondary source is Rush Limbaugh (what a surprise). So you know how he feels about this election. Anyway, while they were talking on the phone, T said that the only reason Sen Obama won the election was because he looked good on TV.

I'm kinda annoyed. That certainly is a slap in my face, and an insult to all people who voted for him. Since many are rather glib with the right to vote, I'm sure someone somewhere did vote for him because he is a good looking man with a nice smile. There are many reasons to vote or not vote for a candidate.

I guess it is difficult to think that someone who mulls things over, reads articles and books, and ponders deeply for whom the vote will be cast, could in good faith come to a totally different conclusion than you might. So the easiest thing is to marginalize that person as "unthinking," "a traitor," "someone who doesn't care about our troops in harm's way," or worse. And yeah, let's lump Gen Collin Powell and Warren Buffet in with those folks.

I also think those who would blame "the liberal media" are saying that the American people are just sheep who can be led willy nilly. But these same people marginalize a good education, which teaches critical thinking skills, which in turn would keep people from following something sheep-like.


Off my soapbox now.

I have had a cold yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach all day. Taciturn, however, if he truly thinks that Obama's victory is carte blanche for terrorists to attack the US en masse, may feel awful that he has found himself married to a traitor.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I admire that you can handle those commets without lashing back in anger. I've read some comments on blogs that show me how entrenched the neocons are in their anger and disbelief over the outcome. They seem to have to find someone to blame.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, I suppose the "good news" is probably 20 years ago, AWM would have never considered the possibility that an African-American man "looked good." Consider it the one bit of progress you'll probably get.

FWIW, two of my friends are having the same issues at their house. The Mrs. in that marriage told me today there was "marital discord" over the election and it has brought up some disturbing attitudes she did not know about in the three years they have been married.

I wonder how many households are going through this?

Sometimes, being single sucks, but this is one time I can at least go, "Whew!" Thanks be to God that Little Eddie and Boomer don't vote!

Mary Beth said...

I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.

My husband said something so ugly about Obama the day before the election that...well, let's just say that we very nearly had our biggest fight ever. It did make me physically sick - I just take these things right in.

Fortunately I have an amazing Teacher who helped me see that nothing about it was spouse is deeply, deeply fearful and lashing out at the nearest person.

After that revelation, I was able to breathe, and to open a conversation with him where I said, "I love you and I know that you are very concerned. What you said hurt me. Let's talk about this while being kind to each other."

Of course I didn't use those words, which he would consider to be psychobabble. But words to that effect. It went well.

Nothing, nothing is personal. A very big realization for me.

ROBERTA said...

thanks for this post. these comments were helpful for me because it is difficult to not take untrue political comments personally - and i hadn't considered the possibility that there are so many households & relationships around this country who are struggling with discord over this. just a day after the election i heard a "pundit" berate obama for the economic mess we are in...huh? he's the president-elect - not the president....i must remember to breathe...and to recall the words of Philo - Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle!!!