Friday, December 19, 2008

In Missouri

I am at last in our short term rental house in Missouri. We got here Wed afternoon. Between not hearing a thing from my brother after I made the last post, and blizzard warnings, Taciturn and I decided to just go when we had a window. So we left Tuesday, although we both were starting to feel the stirrings of colds (which made us forget many items we'd planned to bring). Easy drive, no problems (except the drunks having a loudly profane argument all night in the next room at the motel).

There were a few things that weren't quite as expected at the rental, though. I've spent a good bit of the time since we've been in town trying to get those taken care of, and it seems that by noon tomorrow, all should be well.

My shadow side came out yesterday totally unbidden, and I owe my DIL an apology. I'm hoping I said what I said because I was tired. I had dropped by to say a quick hi to Only Son's family. When I was preparing to leave, GD asked why wasn't I coming back for supper. I said, "Because I wasn't invited." Which wasn't the case at all--the weather forecast predicted an ice storm. Why I said what I did I haven't a clue. I quickly corrected myself and told her because of the coming ice storm it didn't seem like we should drive that evening. Anyway, they are coming over here a bit later on. I plan to ply them with Imo's Pizza and have a nice evening.

Tomorrow we may go to see my parents. There is a new baby in that house though, my new great nephew JME, and since we have colds that may not do. Maybe we can just view the baby from afar!


ROBERTA said...

Don't ya hate when something comes out of your mouth that you weren't expecting?

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Imo's is good but it's a St. Louis pizza. You mean you're not doing Shakespeare's? I could die for one of those right now.

Jan said...

So glad you got there safely. Remember the prayer (and I need this reminder with children arriving soon) "Bless _________, change me." That sometimes gets me to bite my tongue!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...


Fatigue and stress can bring out unexpected things. I hope your colds aren't very severe.