Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Something Within

I read Renita Weems in seminary. I have started reading her blog, which is very good. Here is the latest entry.

Meanwhile, I got home yesterday afternoon and the very first thing we noted is that our new satellite dish receiver, installed 3 days prior to our trip, no longer works. Oh well. We have Netflix and other things--like books! Plus I have an entire month's worth of mail to scour. We are assured another one will be sent soon. I am going to an inaugural party on Tuesday so that is not a concern.

And another thing. Please pray for a retired priest of our parish; his foot had to be amputated this past week. This is not the first foot amputation in our church lately. As our rector said, "...foot amputations are not contagious!"

More later!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Laura, satellite dishes can get cranky if they are out of use a while. If you call the company, they may be able to talk you through a simple reboot.

Also, when we had one, we had to turn off the receiver every night and turn it back on in the morning because that helped it acquire updates to its programming. If you left it on while you were gone, you may just need to have the company update the software.

Hope one of these fixes is all it needs.

Lauralew said...

Ruth, when we called the company after rebooting, etc, we told them the error message number we got and they essentially said it was the error message of death for that receiver.

We left it plugged in so I could record a silent movie that is not available on VHS or DVD to the DVR. Won't do that again!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a bummer. Sorry.