Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walking on razors

Our huge male cat Parker is part Maine Coon and likes to play in water as Maine Coons do. To get to the bathroom sink for the morning ritual of Taciturn running water in which he can splash, T noted he seemed to bump into his old fashioned double edged razor which was by the sink. T moved it while he chuckled over some imagined scenarios that could be caused by the cat playing with the razor. Meanwhile, Parker was dipping his paws in the sink and shaking them off. I happened to glance at the bathroom mirror to note in horror that it was covered with droplets of blood. So was everything on the counter and part of the bathroom wall.

Suddenly the imagined scenarios no longer were funny.

The idea of him running through our rental house leaving a bloody trail on the carpeting was not appealing so after leaving him in the bathroom for a half hour, he is now in his kennel to allow the scant bleeding that continues to stop. The female cat is also in hers after she exhibited some "You're in the kennel and I'm not!" behavior. Plus, since we are leaving on Thursday to go back to South Dakota, we need to re acclimate them to the kennels anyway.

Like Kirkepiscatoid said the other day, this has not been a good week for pets of the blogworld!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope he's doing better.

Jan said...

How is it going now?

Lauralew said...

At present, 5:30 CST, he still is in his kennel. We've let him out twice and twice the bleeding, although barely perceptible, has started again. We scrubbed the litter box and put in clean litter so he wouldn't pick up cooties from that. We just don't want to have him chase his companion and have the blood really start to flow.

His companion is much more compassionate now than earlier when she earned some kennel time. They both are asleep right now.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Poor Parker! I can imagine his end of the story...

"I was just sittin' on the vanity, mindin' my own damn business, and out of nowhere, that razor JUMPED me!"

You could have what looks like the Boone County Ax Murder on your hands. Since Columbia only gets about 5 murders a year, it could be exciting.

If you do decide to have him checked out at the vets for a stitch or two, the late JR and Mr. Willis Woo used to doctor at Noah's Ark Animal Hospital. They were always good to my furry pals.

Mary Beth said...

Poor baby! what next!?