Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The approach of Lent

We are not going to church for pancakes as this day was utterly exhausting for both of us and we don't want to make the trip down the canyon into town to eat pancakes.

We are, however, having pancakes and sausage for our supper here at the house.
Over this last couple of weeks, with me working so much, I've really let some stuff slide. Not good, as I tend to find myself going into the Darker Regions if I do not keep up certain disciplines.

So I will allow Lent to teach me as I use the forty days to be mindful of certain things I already knew.

One, I absolutely cannot go more than one week without the Eucharist. I just can't. I worked two weekends in a row so no church on two Sundays, then I did not go on Wednesday. I found myself wanting to stay in bed this past Sunday with the covers over my head. I had an obligation to take the Eucharist to hospitalized Episcopalians, though, so I couldn't, and am I glad.

When I approached the Altar of God, it was like the dark veil that had descended over me over the last week or so was lifted and the light shone again. I didn't realize that a dark veil had descended! I was in a sacred space, the presence of the Almighty. My problems, huge to me, were suddenly paltry. Joy suddenly permeated my being. The problems didn't go away, but suddenly were not as big. With God's help, all will be well.

So, the new discipline is to not allow work to interfere with the worship life that is essential to the rest of my life. If I work Sunday, I go to Eucharist on Wednesday, no excuses.

Also, again as I've found helpful before, praying the Hours. I remember a post I did two years ago, before I moved from Our Nation's Capital and was then incredibly mindful about praying the Hours, about how I looked forward to my next prayer time as I knew that I would have a good time in relation with God. I can do this. I've done it before.

And serving is helpful as well. I've noted that serving others seems to benefit me more than the people I serve, in whatever venue I happen to serve. I was so happy to be able to serve the Eucharist and pray for others in the hospital this past Sunday as a lay Eucharistic visitor. What an honor.

I eagerly anticipate reading the insights of other bloggers as we go through Lent. This is our "revival time." It'll be interesting to see where we all are on the other side.

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Ok, cue the Twilight zone music. Judging from your time stamp, and assuming a one hour time difference, at about the same time you were talking about the importance of getting the Sacrament, I was out at Thousand Hills Lake, walking and chatting with the vicar. Our topic was, "Why we think it is so cool that after the dark pit we go into after getting ashes on our head, 20 minutes later we receive the Eucharist."

How spooky is that, girl?