Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming Back Up

My shingles pain is suddenly much more manageable. I slept all night long. I did not awaken in pain to feel my way into the bathroom for codeine. And-- I just finished my first workout in almost three weeks! Mind you, I walked only half of the time and distance of my usual workout, but that isn't the point. The point is that I got on the treadmill and walked at all! (For those of you who know Weight Watcher activity points, I earned 2. Grin.)

My doctor's excuse covers tonight and tomorrow night at work. I'm glad--I'm still not anxious to go back, and they easily found someone to take my place. I'm not scheduled again until Wednesday afternoon. But, I think if I had been forced somehow into going in, I could have done it.

My friend PB dragged me out yesterday to eat sushi. I felt yucky yesterday morning and would have not gone out, but she said, "You have to eat, don't you?" It took sushi, something I always will have in my life somehow, to get me out of the door. Once out, I began to bloom. Yesterday afternoon, I realized that I felt like a well person feels, as opposed to an ill person. I have my friend to thank for getting me to that point.

Today is a marvelous day to feel well! The sun is shining, it is warm with a breeze, my windows are open, and the birds are singing. I will take the library book I picked up yesterday out onto the deck with a nice glass of wine later to read. I'm doubly glad that I don't have to shut everything up to nap in preparation for work.

Truly this is one of those days that deserve the carpe diem motto. Especially since all good things must come to an end--there is a blizzard watch in effect. The weather prognosticators say that we could get a foot or more of snow on Monday and Tuesday. Ah well, it is March, the time of the spring blizzards.

Time to go to the library for another book. I bet I'll have plenty of time to read. The book I plan to get I've had on hold for a while; The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, which is highly recommended by Ruth. It came in yesterday after I'd already been there.

By the way, I have continued all week with my pledge to put pen to paper each day. Yesterday I sat down thinking, "I have nothing to write about," then wrote four pages. Once I gave myself permission to do this, it has gotten much easier. And Taciturn, bless him, is beginning to recognize my need for the space in which to do this. If I respect the process, I believe he will as well.


mibi52 said...

I am so glad you're feeling a bit better. I wish you could go to someplace warm, with a beach and sand and gentle waves and a silly drink in your hand to help you feel better. For that matter, I wish I could go somewhere like that, too!

FranIAm said...

I have been praying for you - shingles are so painful.

Glad you are doing better!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm really glad you're starting to feel better. And I think you're right about the respect thing.