Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enforced Rest, Part III

The shingles continue, along with the attendant discomfort. I think the new breakouts are over, but some of the blisters are in places that make it difficult to wear normal female clothing and to do some activities of daily living I'm used to doing. Info beyond that crosses into the realm of TMI. I do not think all of the blisters will be open and crusted by Wednesday, though, when I'm supposed to see the Occ Health nurse. My physician wrote for a week off, and told me she would write for more if I need it.

Friday I started the antivirals and got some Tylenol with codeine for the pain. Normally I don't need the strong pain medication during the day (I'm taking Motrin) but I certainly do at night. The pain might be the factor that determines when I go back to work--if I can't drive due to taking codeine, I'm sure my nursing judgment would be at risk.

Taciturn is on his way back from Baltimore. His original plan was to return tomorrow; bad weather along his travel route has changed that. He now says he should be home on Wed, but says that Thursday may be more realistic.

I told him that next time, he needs to fly, whether or not he "likes" to fly. It is ridiculous to have seven or eight days of travel time for a three and a half day visit.

I spoke with Only Son last evening. He too is broken out in a rash, although from his description I'm sure it is a viral rash and not shingles. He is broken out on his knees and his elbows, but has no pain or swelling, just an itch. When I say "just an itch", though, he really was miserable while we spoke. He likened the itch to Chinese water torture. He had some cortisone cream; I told him to pick up some Benadryl as well as calamine lotion.

GS#1 in MO had his birthday party this past Saturday, although his actual birthday is not until Wed. Only Son related that after he had opened all of his presents and had cake and ice cream, he pleasantly told all of his guests that "you can go home now." He wanted to play with his new toys in peace! GS#1 is not a mean little boy; he just says what he thinks. He doesn't mean anything malicious. His teachers, taken aback by his frankness at first, now know that is just how he is and think it is funny.

And prayers for our blog brother Bosco Peters and his family in the tragic loss of his daughter. I absolutely cannot imagine the depth of his grief.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Glad to hear your shingles are starting to subside...sorta...!!!!

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

You poor dearheart! I hope the AV meds kick for you soon.

Diane said...

yes, I hope that you are getting over the worst of it soon.

take care.