Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, Before Another Blizzard

We have another blizzard on the way. It isn't a huge problem for Taciturn and me, but please pray for our brothers and sisters in North Dakota who frantically attempt to stave off the fury of Mother Nature's flooding. They are supposed to get some snow as well.

I went back to work Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't really busy but I had a nursing student with me so I had to teach as I worked. I was able to leave on time and get to bed at a reasonable hour for the evening shift--0030 Thursday morning. Yet, it has taken me two days to recover from eight hours of work. You can tell I have not worked or done much else for a while.

The discipline I'm attempting to develop of writing first thing in the am remains. I had to get up earlier than I would have liked Thursday morning in order to see my neurologist for the myasthenia gravis like symptoms I have, but I did take the time to do my morning pages. Life is getting into a rhythm; get up, get a cup of coffee, go back up to my bedroom to sit in the rocker and write, then I pray. After that it is time for breakfast and all else. I like this rhythm. I usually wake up with my head full of things to write so that is why I write first before I pray, so I won't lose it. Sometimes I cannot write fast enough!

A huge insight came to me Thursday morning while I wrote about the resentment some of the undereducated women at work have toward those of us who were able to and did the hard work of earning a degree (that came from writing about the nursing student--she has a really hard life but she still pursues a degree). Then I realized that I am guilty of the same thing in another discipline. Interesting how things can get worked out, or you see things as you write that never would have entered your head otherwise. As I sit and type now, I am smiling and shaking my head. Once I gave myself permission to write, all kinds of stuff is pouring out in torrents.

Ruth has an interesting post today about how we as adults no longer feel we can do the creative things we did as children. Those things come under the heading of "Time Wasters." It is fascinating to read the unfolding of her process as she journeys with The Artist's Way. I'm almost as excited about her journey as the one that I'm starting to undertake. I bought my own copy of The Artist's Way and will start it tomorrow.

The leftover main patch of blisters from my shingles has developed into impetigo from my scratching. Taciturn warned me about scratching those while he rubbed Bactriban cream on them after my shower this am. They are just right of center on my upper back; while I can reach them to scratch, I can't reach them to rub lotion or cream on them!

We are going to go to a home show a bit later this am, have a bit of lunch then stock up at the grocery store. We haven't been on a full grocery trip for 3 weeks, and the larder is getting bare! I have pizza dough rising at present for Saturday night pizza. I made my own sauce a couple of weeks ago and I'll get it out of the freezer to thaw shortly.

Tomorrow afternoon that blizzard is supposed to roll in. I'm sure I'll have another episode of blizzard baking. That's ok. Life is getting pretty good right now. And the scent of fresh bread baking makes it even better!

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