Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Artist's Date

When following The Artist's Way, one is supposed to take one's inner artist on a date each week to refill the creative well. One who constantly creates without replenishing one's self will reach a point where creativity is impossible.

This past week has been wild, so I had no artist's date per se this past week. I'll post later about my week, but I discovered while visiting in Missouri that Only Son's Bride, a graphic artist, has been doing artist's dates herself. I peeked at her blog and found some stunning photos she took while on her version of the artist's date, which had a theme of "ugly/beautiful". Please take a peek; you will find your creative well refilled after the look see.


Ali said...

Thanks much for the link to your DILs site - I love paper crafts and have added this to my reader. Love you site too - I've been lurking for a while from just down the hill from Big Old Seminary. Not sure how I found my way to you but living in this city - I'm sure you were just a click or two away. God's Peace in all you do...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Those were some stunning photos.

I struggled at first with the artist's date--giving myself permission and most of all figuring out what to do. Now I really miss the fact that I haven't had one for two weeks (because I've been sick). I'm looking forward to doing them again.