Monday, May 18, 2009


Monday morning and up comes my head for a bit of blogging. My energy has been directed elsewhere--like my morning pages. I've been kinda under the weather for a week--no get up and go, just blah--so what energy I do have has been parceled out carefully. I've been on Facebook much more than here, and even tweeting a bit.

Julia Cameron says in The Artist's Way that your truth will reveal itself in your morning pages. Mine is coming out loud and clear. So I'm experimenting with changing a few things that really are not bloggable, but that I seem to write about each and every day in the morning pages! These are good things, I think. But if nothing else, a huge change in my daily routine.

I got up early this am for no reason except that I couldn't sleep past 0230. I had my coffee, wrote, ate some of my homemade bread toasted with a bit of jam, and listened to the birds sing at dawn. I felt like I was on vacation, strangely blissful. I even saw one of the Dippers (Big, Little? Not sure) in the western sky. Easy to say one's prayers on mornings like this.

During the last week I read a book with the improbable title Crazy Woman Creek. It is an anthology of women's stories about community--how to find it in different circumstances, when it works, when it doesn't. The anthologies came from women who live in the West, although one of the stories was penned by a woman living in the very midwestern town of Warrensburg, MO, where I went to college. Two of the editors were involved in a discussion of the work at our local library. Although all 17 copies of the book were checked out, which forced me to buy it to get it read, only three women showed up. We already knew each other from DIA, which was interesting! This book was compelling, very difficult to put down and wonderful to discuss (glad I bought it!). Linda Hasselstrom, one of the editors, is hosting a lunchtime lecture on Wednesday which I will attend.

I cancelled the composition class I had signed up to take online--but that was done in order to take another class which is longer, more comprehensive, and more valuable I think for what I need. That won't start until June 11th. In the meantime, I checked Stephen King's On Writing out of the library and will begin to read that today.

Time to take a walk while it still is cool. The temperature is supposed to reach a high of 88 today!

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ROBERTA said...

I'm enjoying these posts on your interaction with T.A.W. Just reserved the Crazy Woman Creek book from the library - it sounds great....thanks :)