Thursday, June 11, 2009

Asthma attack and cold weather

I rolled out of bed at 2 am, coughing and hacking, feeling as if my throat had collapsed upon itself. I coughed for an hour before it occurred to me, a person with well controlled asthma, that I might be having an attack. I have maybe one or two a year so each, as it occurs, is as if I've never had one before. I grabbed the rescue inhaler that I had to hunt for as I seldom need it and by golly, the coughing stopped.

Needless to say, Taciturn and I were up for good by then. I had the coffee brewing at 3:45 and my morning pages written by 4:45. I ate a bagel with jelly at 5.

We had all kinds of grand plans for today that the two of us were too tired to pursue. I did write a bit on an essay I'm toying with producing (although the point I want to make may be more suited to a short story), but every time I worked beyond twenty minutes, my poor eyes crossed. They tend to do that when I am the least bit tired due to the myasthenia gravis my neurologist thinks I have and for which I take medication, but boy, was it bad today. So I gave it up and did things that did not require long visual concentration.

In the meantime, it poured all day. The rain stopped only an hour ago. The high today was 55, so I wear a hoodie sweatshirt as I type. This late spring reminds me of the summer of 1992 when I lived in Minneapolis, during which the temperature rose above 70 maybe 4 times the entire summer. I have an unofficial Episcogranny holiday each July 1, as in 1992 I went to my car saying, "It's the first of July, and by God I will wear shorts and tee shirt!" It was too cold, though, to do that, so sheepishly I returned to my apartment to change into more temperature appropriate clothes--long sleeved shirt and jeans. I hope it isn't that way this year here in the Black Hills.

I did NOT start my online creative writing class today. Due to low enrollment, the beginning was postponed until June 25. If no one else signs up, there is another class that starts in late July. After looking at the bios of the different teachers, I think the later teacher would be more suitable for me, so I perversely hope that my class is cancelled so I can take it with her. I'm fine either way, though.

Hope all is well with you!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm sorry about your asthma attack. I've been having a bit of trouble lately too and haven't figured out why.

I don't know whether to say I'm sorry your class was postponed or that I hope it's postponed again so you get the teacher you want. So I guess what I'll say is that I hope it works out for the best.

This has been such a cold June. It's discouraging.

FranIAm said...

Feel better and get some rest dear Laura!!

FranIAm said...

I hope that you feel better! Get some rest and take good care of yourself dear Laura.

Diane said...

yes, take care of yourself.

I have a half-day creative writing workshop on Saturday that I'm looking forward to. It's pretting basic for someone who's been writing all her life, but I'm really wanting to re-explore from the beginning.

prayers for you, Laura!