Monday, June 8, 2009

You can have my temper

As I have been in a very foul mood for several days, I am not blogging. Only Son's Bride has a new piece on her online gallery every few days, so I will link to it. Much more innocent and pleasant. I'll show her scrapbooking piece here in case you just want to see it vs going to her gallery. (10/10/12 Note: I took the link down as after 3 years, it takes you to a porn page. Sigh.)


Jan said...

Sending you good vibrations and prayers for comfort and peace.

Mary Beth said...


Diane said...

(((I'm sorry)))

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Once again, the liturgical calendar falls into play. I'm being foul at the same time you are!

Ah, if you were only closer, we could piss 'n moan and yell and kick and holler together and we'd both feel better.

I am FINALLY starting to de-clutter myself from the reams of crap I've accumulated over the past 9 years. I historically do this every seven years. Being two years overdue has really taken its toll.