Thursday, July 23, 2009

"I Want to Go Home!"

My mom is feeling better. The above is what she told my caretaker brother this afternoon. I'm glad she is getting tired of being in the hospital. She is into her fourth week.

Her breathing tube was removed yesterday, and she appears to be flying for the time being. She is not eating so the staff are giving her tube feedings so she can build up some strength. She is talking a bit. The staff put a courtesy phone into her room so my disabled brother, who hasn't seen her in 18 months, could speak with her. They took it right out so when I called literally five minutes later I couldn't speak to her. Later, one of the nurses told me that the courtesy phone was broken. Whatever. I made a short video of me speaking to her using iMovie on my MacBook, and emailed the link to my baby brother, who downloaded it to his laptop and will show it to her this evening.

A worrisome thing is that her white blood cell count is creeping up again. Curses. The physician asked if he should continue the antibiotics. My dad and the brothers that are at home presently said "Of course!" The understanding now is that if Mom should crash again, no more breathing tube, or chest tubes, or such. But antibiotics, I'm fine with that.

Thanks to Jonathan for including my mom in his prayer request page. My family certainly appreciates it!

One of these days I'll write about my trip to the Green Mountain State. Seems odd to write all this about Mom, and then my otherwise idyllic time here. And guess who called last night! FranIam! We've never "voiced" before. We didn't talk long but it is good to hear from someone who is affirming of me and my choices. And I know most of my friends are, even when some in my family are not.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

...and Fran has such a great, warm, joyous voice, doesn't she?

Songbird said...

That is good news all the way around.