Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Break Today

Let’s take a break from funerals and death today.

First, yesterday’s elections. No elections took place where I live, but I did pay attention to prominent national elections. Reflectionary and RevDrMom both express well how I feel.

Second, an unusual friend request on Spacebook—an ex of mine from whom I separated almost 15 years ago, who left me practically penniless, hugely in debt, and who stalked me for over a year after our separation, thought that now we could be “friends”. Not. I just hit “block” and went on. What an idiot!

Third, my knee. I took a lovely four mile stroll on a bright autumn day with my new neighbor early last week. That was the first real walk I had taken for a while. That night, my left knee hurt like no one’s business and when I looked, it was moderately swollen. Oops. I happened to have a doctor’s appointment the very next day, which was lucky as the pain kept me awake most of the night. A complicating factor in all of this was that a month prior, a windblown car door slammed on that knee. I was surprised that it took so long for the injury to make me lame. The doc also was puzzled and sent me to physical therapy. After my evaluation yesterday, the physical therapist said the injury was a red herring. Instead, I have tendonitis of the IT band that flared up after my stroll. The therapist said I have one of the tightest IT bands he’s ever had to work with.


That means I’ll be in PT for a few weeks. The knee remains very painful; the doctor gave me some moderately strong pain medication that really helps. I take it fairly regularly. I’m actually most comfortable when I am sitting; that may explain why I have blogged more lately.

Last week while sitting, I read That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo. I had planned to read it after Mom died; it became almost urgent after Dad passed away. The book grabbed me from the very first and only put it down once. Recommend it highly.

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