Thursday, November 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

--Taciturn is finally in Baltimore with his mom and the Angry White Man after four days of driving. T just called; one of the things we spoke about was that AWM has a horrible virus on his PC that Norton cannot fix. Gotta love my Mac.

--In a few minutes I will drive into town for the third time today. The first time was to ship a book I sold on Amazon, the second was for lunch with my new neighbor C, and the third will be for book discussion group at another Episcopal church in town. We are reading Eugene Peterson’s The Jesus Way. Of all of the books I’ve read for church discussion groups, this is one of my least favorites. The retired priest in the group takes issue with much of Peterson’s scholarship and so that makes the discussions interesting.

--Lots of cars are driving by the house for sale next door. The price is very low for this neighborhood, but the house is older than most around here and needs updating. It cannot be considered a comparable when we set a price for our house, but having such a low priced house right next door might artificially drive down our price. We’ll see.

--Time for dinner then off to book group!

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