Monday, November 23, 2009


Grr. I just spent two hours writing a post and then decided it would invade someone's privacy--therefore not bloggable.

What I should be doing instead of writing unbloggable posts is work on my contribution to our parish's Lenten reflection book. All of the reflections are due in a week. I had planned to finish it early on, but that little distraction called my father's death happened. I forgot all about my reflection until two weeks ago. I've read over the propers for the day I was assigned several times. A bit of formulating is going on in my head. It'll be interesting to see what I come up with--as well as everyone else.

Tomorrow I get the cortisone shot in my knee. No more PT until Friday, to give it a chance to work.

Today I baked two loaves of bread. One was a regular recipe I follow, the other was Almost No-Knead bread from America's Test Kitchen. I saw Chris Kimball making it on TV the other night and thought I'd have a go. It is one of those breads that are cooked in a Dutch oven. Haven't tasted it yet, but it is a beautiful loaf. Its scent is heavenly. Can't wait to have some with the soup I will make this evening.

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