Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Preparation Time

Thought this would be about Advent, didn't you? Not this post.

Last evening I stacked up a bunch of clothes I no longer wear. I cleaned off a shelf in my bedroom closet and put the stack there. A few drawers need to be cleaned out before I load the entire pile into my car and take it to the thrift shop.

Yesterday I sat on my office floor pulling items out of a cabinet and tossing what was no longer necessary to keep. I filled up a tall kitchen sized trash can with the detris.

In our downstairs garage are six boxes that are as yet unpacked from our move to this place from DC 2.5 years ago. I had planned to get those out of the way this week, but since the temperature currently hovers at zero and will for the next few days, I’m passing for the moment on that activity.

And I ran into the best friend of a woman whose home burned last year. She could use some kitchen stuff, so I’ll go through my massive stash of kitchen supplies to see if there is anything she would like.

If nothing else, this moving stuff motivates a person to loosen unwanted and unnecessary stuff from one’s grasp.

Thanks to VTCrone, I’ve been in touch with a VT realtor. Said realtor emailed me yesterday to answer a question I had about a particular property and to figure out what exactly we want in a home. This is pretty exciting, to actually tell someone who can do something about it what we want.

Meanwhile, I saw my neurologist this morning to follow up on my myasthenia gravis. I have not taken my medication correctly due to horrific side effects, and so have had issues with my condition. So, he simply changed my medication. I should have called him a while back.

Time for a bit of decadent self care in a few minutes—I’m getting my postmenopausal mustache waxed off. I had planned to go see Only Son and the grandchildren later this week but I may postpone it due to weather. Taciturn and I plan to spend Christmas here.

How is it in your neck of the woods?

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Leann said...

It is a small world. My daughter has Myasthenia Gravis.

I always find it somewhat cathartic to get rid of things that seem to hang on and never be of use. As far as material things go I have very few. I move around too much.

I hope your day goes well and the cold stays at bay. :-)