Saturday, December 26, 2009

Second Day of Christmas

Two weeks ago today I left my SD house for a nice trip to see the Episcograndkids and incidentally, their parents. I left on the one day that snow storms all around allowed me to leave, and started my return trip last Sunday. That was the one day also I could have left and made it all the way home by the next afternoon.

Due to storms, I'd still be in MO had I not left when I did. I love my family but we all would have killed each other by now! Besides, as soon as I returned I developed a viral illness that is not severe but has me operating at a subpar level.

The blizzard we had yesterday, through the night and into this afternoon is beginning to subside. The sun has peeked out--but the snow flurries continue to blow horizontally. Between the weather and my cold, I haven’t been out of the house since Tuesday!

Now the big push begins to get the house ready to sell, and our things ready to move. I listed several more of my theology books at rock bottom prices onto as the new seminary semesters will start soon. After all, the aim isn’t to make money--it is to get rid of the darn things so I don’t have to move them. I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge magazine junkie. Piles of old issues sit all over my house. Today I bit the bullet and cancelled four subscriptions. One of those magazines I haven’t even taken out of the wrapper for months and the others I just flip through and set aside. Time for them to go.

Meanwhile, Taciturn spent Christmas Day on Craigslist. We are beginning to think that we would like to get a short term rental in VT, say three to six months, to explore likely places to live a little more closely. Houses move so slowly there that if we made a mistake and bought in an area we turn out to hate, we’d be stuck there a lot longer. He answered several ads for places all around our target area, and spoke with someone on the phone today. It may be too early to look for a rental as we aren’t moving until March (first we had figured April, but since we’ve realized that essentially we are done here, March is better).

Had a bit of a laugh--one of the replies we received from our queries was pretty aggressive. The fellow asked questions of us that more appropriately would be asked during a credit approval process, not before we knew anything about the rental. I Googled him to see if he was just scamming to steal identities. Turned out that he really does own a lot of rental properties, but oh by the way he is the son of a well known broadcast journalist whose political views T despises. That bit of info I withheld from T. I wanted to see if the place was worth a trip to see. After another email exchange, though, we decided the place he advertises won’t do for us.

I’ll try to keep posting on a semi-regular basis, but since this is low on the priority list I may not post or read much. Lots and lots to do between now and March!


Leann said...

Glad you were able to make the trip around all the big storms. I know they have made travel challenging for many.

VT huh? I've never been there. Heard it's beautiful tho.

Good luck on the moving process. That alone can be challenging.


ROBERTA said...

my goodness - you are hitting 2010 on "full speed ahead"...your rental idea seems like a very wise choice - one must try on the gloves first to see if they fit - unless of course your first initials are O and J :)

merry christmas!

VTcrone said...

I'm curious about the pushy guy. E-mail me his name or put it in the private column on FB?
I'm in the process of answering your e-mail from today.
Feel better!