Thursday, February 25, 2010

See Lauralew on the Move

What you would have seen if you watched me on Reality TV the last few weeks:

See Lauralew clean and clean and clean. See Lauralew sort and toss, toss and sort. See Lauralew take the three excess computers and other elderly electronics to Best Buy for recycling. See the "For Sale" sign go up in front of Lauralew's house. See her REALLY clean.

See Lauralew double over with abdominal pain every day for weeks. See Lauralew have a CT, blood tests and an ultrasound. See Lauralew jump for joy when nothing horrible was found. See Lauralew take pain pills so she can continue to clean and clean during the move since there is no time for further testing before the move.

See Lauralew ship many packages via UPS to VTCrone, to keep until Lauralew gets to VT. See the movers come and take Lauralew's furniture away. See Lauralew's friend CFE clean and clean the empty cabinets and mop the floor. See Lauralew and Taciturn pack their cars with belongings and cats until nothing more will fit. See them all drive east for a trip that is door to door 1861 miles.

Now see Lauralew and T relax in a motel room with the cats a bit over a third of the way to their new life. And hear Lauralew and T haggle with would be buyers over a "you can't be serious" offer.

Once I am in VT and have a few days to rest, I'll get back to blogging.


Leann said...

Good luck with your move and safe travels.

Kirstin said...

Take care of your health, love. Travel well!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thanks for checking in. Hope things settle down soon.

Jan said...

Hope you get settled soon.