Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fixed Hour Prayer


This is a great prayer discipline for someone who has snatches of time during the day but not a half hour or hour block at a time. I find it helpful to know that I absolutely will pray at a certain time of the day, and look forward to it. I leapt out of bed yesterday (late, as I'm still on Mountain Time) thinking, "I need to pray!"

That said, I'm not viewing it as something I must do, like an onus. It is something I find I eagerly anticipate. What a concept, to eagerly anticipate time with God!

I am using Phyllis Tickle's book The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime. I add Evening Devotions from the BCP for bedtime.

Oh, and here is a "praise report" as we used to say--my mom really did not have a stroke, but a TIA. She says her face is back to normal, and she is back to normal. She sounded perky on the phone the other night. Her MRI was normal. Thanks be to God!

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