Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seminaries versus water heaters

I look at my young friend Jared's blog and he is trying to decide between seminaries. I, on the other hand, am trying to decide between water heaters. I'd rather be in his position than in mine!

The recalcitrant tenants, as regular readers of my blog have noted, were not transparent in their dealings--for good reason. Anyway, in the letter we sent in March to them asking them to leave specifically said we especially would like to know what repairs needed to be made. They said, as they were leaving, that the water heater was "leaky". More like a torrent, I think. Add that to the list of things that must be attended to this week.

But! Much has been accomplished with God's help. All the doors have been re-keyed and the openers for both garages (there really is a good reason we have two garages) have been re-coded, so that they can't get in with the openers they have, the overgrown yard has been mowed, arrangements have been made for the deck to be stained, and the gas will be turned back on tomorrow. The home inspector will come on Friday. I will attempt to meet up with the "water lady" of the subdivision in the next couple of days to get all of our info right and get a water payment booklet. It was in calling her that I discovered that the tenants almost had the water shut off for non payment. And Pamela and I are going to look for colors that I will use to repaint the interior of the house.

Fun beckons also. Tomorrow night Pamela and I are going to a pot luck at an Emmanuel parishioner's house, then to a band concert on the grass at Memorial Park. Friday we are going to Calvary Days in Sturgis. Taciturn is SO jealous!

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