Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Glaming it up and other stuff

Mundane stuff while living in temp housing...

Took trusty MacBook for a tune up yesterday. Didn't realize it would take 24 hours. So I'm on a public PC at the moment. No Apple stores in South Dakota so I needed to get this done here.

(Am NOT buying an iPhone. Even if I wanted one, AT&T does not operate in Rapid City. I love gadgets but I have a perfectly good cell phone and iPod, don't need a luxury phone.)

Haircut and color touch up yesterday, facial, facial waxing, and nails today. Need to look presentable for Taciturn's retirement ceremony in a bit over 48 hours.

He is almost finished with all of the admin stuff he has to do--and he has until July 9th to do them!

T brought up going to church in Harford County on Sunday. There is a little country Episcopal church we used to attend when we came for vacations, and we attended Christmas Day service there in 2005. The rector, Fran, is an awesome homilist. I have wept while listening to her. Also the parish is very friendly. We always look forward to attending there.

Gotta go get clothes out of the dryer, another mundane thing!

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