Friday, June 29, 2007

Retirement, and other

Taciturn and I have gone through our official retirement ceremony. It was very very nice, but took much physic energy. We both are exhausted. I do not see how the folks who have entire day celebrations keep up the umph!

Story and photos later. I didn't take any photos--planned to, but got carried away and so didn't take a one! But, there was an official photographer there who T knew while deployed. He promised he would send us a CD of the photos. Again, very nice time.

What caught my attention was this little piece on today's Episcopal Cafe. Excellent.

We are foregoing the dinner out we planned for tonight to just have carryout pizza and beer in our room. Tomorrow am we pack up the car and head to Baltimore!

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KarenAll Over said...

Good luck to you and T! I love retirement and I think you will, too.