Friday, June 1, 2007

House in good shape

Reported my property manager with great amazement. My dad says you can't call them dirty crooks...

Of course, 2 of the garage door openers were not there, only 2 of the 4 keys I left were there, and also gone as well was documentation for much of the house stuff. And of course, it was because I had not given them any of that (so they said). I remember stuffing 4 garage door openers into a drawer, and I mailed them a huge package of documentation after they moved in.

This is why I sent the notices to vacate by registered mail. They could not say I had not sent them if they signed for the letters. I know this MO. A former lover from the pre amendment of life days stole stuff out of my backyard while I was at work, and then when I called him on it, told me I was mistaken--I had given those things to him. (Gaslighting was one of the reasons he became a former lover.)

I have an appointment on Tuesday with the locksmith to change all of the locks and reset the garage door openers. I'll go to Lowe's on Monday and buy two openers to replace the other ones.

Heard from my pal KarenAllOver today. She remembers that I tend to clean when I am stressed. How did you know, I replied, that I scrubbed the bathrooms with Borax a couple of days ago?

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