Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday stuff--and THEY'RE GONE!

Yesterday our Rapid City neighbor called to tell us the recalcitrant tenants moved out. She said it took them five days. (They do have lots of stuff, which is probably why they have no money for things like rent and water.) But anyway, the gas company had shut off the gas, and the electric company was transferring the account into our name, appropriately, today. The beleagered property manager, who usually does not have to deal with this type of tenant, is supposed to go out today to inspect. Of course, I'll be flying into Rapid tomorrow night for a week. I'll stay in town with my friend Pamela from Emmanuel Church.

T and I did the happy dance last evening. We were positively giddy. I actually felt safe in beginning to do change of addresses for magazines. And T was the most relaxed and happy I've seen him in months. He spoke with the neighbor a bit to hear about all of the changes in the neighborhood--and there are several. We're looking forward to getting back and into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, there is an 18 wheeler parked across the street and all of Monica's worldly goods are being loaded upon it as we speak. Her husband John already has a house at the other end and so they get a door to door move, always a good thing. We will not be in Rapid City in time for that, but that is ok. We have work to do on the house before we can take delivery.

This peripatetic life we have led the last couple of years has really messed up my prayer discipline. Everytime I start a new one, we undergo another upheaval. I'm trying fixed hour prayer right now, and so far that seems to work. It is remembering that I need to pray 4 times a day, instead of an hour at one time once a day in my prayer closet, which is what I did prior to seminary. This 4 times a day takes essentially the same amount of time, but is easier to fit in, and can be done anywhere. I'll let you know how that goes.

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