Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rant about Deadbeat Renters

If I wasn't attempting with God's help to live a holy life, I would post my recalcitrant tenants' webpage for all the world to see. They probably would welcome the free publicity.

Let me explain. I've alluded to the fact that they have been rather forgetful about things like, well, paying the rent. Although they were told the last of March they had to move out this week, they have never gotten in touch with the property manager until she left a barrage of voice mails on their cell phone--and then they only said they knew they had to move. They have not notified the gas/electric companies that they are moving. And today, I found out the water came very close to being shut off for non payment. The tenants did pay for the water then--with a counter check. If that bounces, Taciturn and I are responsible.

I also found out today that the utility bills are in the name of the "church" they pastor. They pay those bills. The bills in their own name, they don't pay.

Even before I experienced amendment of life, I paid my bills. It just is the right thing to do. When self professed Christians do not pay bills, that sends a horrible message about the God we serve. What if I was not a person of faith? What kind of witness is that?

Good thing we can live without the money. If this had happened to me ten years ago, I would have lost my house.

I helped out Monica today through her various trials related to her move. Her spouse is gone to the next assignment already, so she is dealing with this alone. Been there, done that. Glad T is here to help me this time.

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