Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Started out with a bit of bad news--my mom had a stroke very early Friday morning. It was minor, so minor she didn't think anyone would notice, and she just pulled herself across the floor to her bed without calling for help. She hates to be a "bother", but by not being a bother, she missed the critical 90 minutes "brain save" time the emergency people talk about. She had a regularly scheduled MD appt Friday afternoon for something else, and when my sister in law arrived to take her to the doc, Mom's face drooped on the right side. Ooops. The doctor sent her immediately for a CT scan, which showed a blood clot in the left side of her brain. She'll have an MRI this week; the local one (they live in a rural area) was shut down for the holiday. Anyway, I spoke to her yesterday and she just sounded very tired. She mixed up a few words while we spoke, but she says otherwise she doesn't feel all that bad. My brother and I are concerned that this is the warning stroke before the big one. She had another one several years ago.

We were in Baltimore when Dad called as we were there to have dinner with Taciturn's mom, step father and step sister. We went to a place they raved about called Basta Pasta in Fallston. We thought it was incredibly ordinary, although we didn't tell them. T had veal which he thought was tough, and the shrimp in my dish was over cooked while the rest of the dish was blandly seasoned. That was ok, we had gone to Maria's in Parkville, MD for lunch which is always amazing! We stayed overnight, had cornmeal pancakes the stepfather made for breakfast, and came home.

Yes, we missed Pentecost Sunday services. We got back too late. I think God understands that this was the only weekend out of 8 we could see T's mom. Going to Sunday church right now with the upcoming move is weird anyway. At least I'll get to go to my former parish this next Sunday.

Last night Amy grilled pork tenderloins for dinner and we three gals (Monica as well), had that, salad, grilled zuccini, and pomegranate martinis. Yum! Coffee and cookies afterward. Taciturn declined to go along as he didn't want to be the lone male; the other husbands were away on business.

Today T and I went downtown to tour the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. That was fun. We walked to a different Metro stop than we usually take for variety when we came back. Spaghetti and wine for dinner tonight, and Amy and I help Monica with the packers tomorrow.

Our tenants in our South Dakota house have posted on their website that they are moving this week and would appreciate all the help they can get. That means something! Hurray! So the first thing I'll do next week when I'm there is change all of the locks, reprogram the garage door openers and the keypad outside. Hopefully I can get other stuff accomplished as well. It'll be a busy week.

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