Friday, May 25, 2007

Refugees' Reunion!

All of the four formerly "homeless" spouses got together at my house today. We had bulgur salad, pita bread, watermelon, blueberry citrus bars, and a killer punch Amy made from a citrus/honey/mint/sugar base. We had lots of fun chatting and reminiscing.

Amy, a lawyer, got very incensed when I talked about my recalcitrant tenants in SD. She used to work as a military prosecutor. "Let me at them! I'll have them for lunch!" Funny.

One of Dana's kids took this photo of the four of us. I'm 2nd from the right.

During each of the next three weeks, one of us will move. Another is staying for now as her spouse's new assignment is in this area. We are scattering to the Four Winds, for sure!

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