Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soul of War

Speaking of Faith is one of my favorite American Public Media shows. There is no shouting, no condemning, just a rigorous exploration of another's viewpoint.

This week's show is called Soul of War. On the webpage about this week's program, there is an essay written by the military chaplin who is this week's guest. This essay is very level headed. Check it out.

I'm having some of my friends over for lunch tomorrow. We all met while living in temporary housing in 2005-2006. We all are moving soon, so this is a "Refugee Reunion." So today I'm cooking the dessert, soaking chickpeas to go into the salad once cooked, and cleaning. Also will call the property manager to tell her I'm flying into Rapid City soon and so the tenants need to know that we are serious about them leaving. We'll see how that goes!

Today's Gospel lesson lends itself to a reflection. But later!

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