Thursday, June 14, 2007

Loose Ends

Describes what I need to tidy up, and also at which I am today.

To start with, I'm sick. There has been a vicious virus tearing through our neighborhood (Amy's husband, who is immunocompromised, bought a lengthy ER visit the other night due to said virus), and it found me the day before I fly to the Midwest to see Granddaughter's ballet recital on Saturday. Oh joy! I had to cancel a luncheon date with my dear friend Beth, which sucks. I really was looking forward to it; I leave this area in a little over two weeks and there simply isn't much time left.

My cell phone broke. That was really annoying while I was in Rapid City, as my phone simply did not ring. I had to retrieve voicemails and then reply to them. I have a new handset now but it has issues of its own. I've had it to the shop between naps today and they want to wait to replace it. But, at least it rings and I can speak on it. The remaining problems can wait for resolution.

Home inspection from last Friday: Our Rapid City house needs new siding and a new deck. The driveway sustained extensive damage from the recalcitrant tenants' heavy vehicles and also needs repair. The only good thing the home inspector had to say about the outside of my house was that the roof was in excellent shape. Those unexpected replacements (we had anticipated repairs for the deck, not replacement, and the siding blindsided us) will eat up 60-70% of our remodeling budget. We had planned to totally repaint the interior and buy a lot of new furniture, since we no longer will move every 18-24 months. The interior can go forward, but the furniture will have to wait.

Got a lot of trash tossed yesterday, but always there is more. Amazing what one amasses in 18 months--which is the length of time we've lived in this house! Still much to do before the packers come next Wednesday. I need to separate what books I want to haul with me and which to put into storage, for example, and get my electronics packed up in their own boxes. Etc, etc.

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