Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trip, and moving

Had a whirlwind trip over the weekend for Granddaughter's ballet recital. Flew out on Friday, saw rehearsals and the recital on Saturday, flew back on Sunday. The kids were astonished Saturday morning to find I was leaving the very next day! Grandson #1 was adamant that I not leave until I reassured him I'd come back, then he thought it would be ok if I left. Here is a Father's Day photo of Only Son and his family, sans GS#1 (who would not join the picture):

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are running around getting ready for packers. I have all kinds of ideas for meditations based on things that I heard over the weekend, but I can't make myself write until the packing is done. I'm weird that way.

My Internet access will be spotty also for a while. My totally wired house will cease to be that as of tomorrow, and won't be that way again probably for another month. But I do know places I can go to blog!

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Cathy said...

A very handsome family!