Friday, June 22, 2007

Officially homeless!

After a fashion.

Wednesday we were packed out by two elderly folks who worked very methodically, and made very few mistakes. Thursday the movers had us totally out in 5 hours while being gentle with our things. (We didn't tell them we are getting all new furniture over the next year.) One of the movers witnessed to us--I was sympathetic but he was not being paid to bring us to a saving knowledge of Christ, but to move us out. We chatted for a few minutes to reassure him that we are believers, but then Taciturn left for a while and I went to another part of the house so the mover would do his job.

The women we hired to do terminal cleaning did a fine job, finding an entire cabinet of pots and pans that were not packed (that was the one cabinet that I could not inspect due to boxes piled in front). And we had our final inspection 2 hours ago in which we officially turned over our keys and garage remotes. So now we are without a house.

Last time we moved we had no place to live for six months. This time we are set! Anyway, we are really relaxed. This is great, especially for T who enjoyed his two days off. Wednesday he did not go into work at all, the first day totally off since November. We are going out to dinner tonight and either to the DC Barbeque Festival tomorrow or to a movie.

Thanks be to God! The light is at the end of the tunnel.

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