Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Coffee musings

We brought out some of the filtered well water from our house to use in making our coffee this am, and suddenly all makes sense. Drinkable coffee helps.

I may have to re-name my husband. This retirement is turning him into a gregarious sort! I noticed during coffee hour at church on Sunday, he actually approached people to introduce himself, something he always had left up to me before. He gladly accompanied a docent at the Journey Museum on Saturday as an apprentice guide to a tour group and answered some questions. The regular guide told me later that Taciturn was incredibly enthusiastic. And yesterday, he called me to ask if I would be interested in attending a reception put on by the South Dakota State Historical Society next Monday. I'm usually the one dragging him kicking and screaming to parties or receptions, so I almost fainted when I got the call.

He said it is because these are things he wants to do, as opposed to things he has to do. He has a huge interest in the history of western South Dakota, for example.

I'm thinking we are entering an entirely new chapter in our marriage for more reasons than just his new lack of work. Stay tuned...

We spent a couple of hours at the local Air Force base yesterday changing our address in the system, getting our ducks in a row for health care locally, etc. It helps that 1) people seem nicer here, and 2) Taciturn used to work at this hospital and people know him.

If you want to see some tremendous photos of western national parks, I would commend to you the blog of Beth and Betsy, my seminary friends, who are wrapping up a month long tour. Just some breathtaking photography to be found there, and a few meditations as well.

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